TOKEN Launch Advisory

Comprehensive ICO and token launch advisory services prepare your project for launch. Our process has three areas of focus to ensure a viable tokenized ecosystem.


branding and identity

If you're a crypto startup, it is essential to tell the story of who you are in a way that's relatable. We work with our partners to create landing pages, branding packages, and UX wireframes.


whitepaper and Smart Contract audits

Conduct whitepaper reviews and smart contract audits to ensure that projects are cohesive and secure. 


Token Mechanics and structure

A viable token economy is the foundation of a successful project. We create token models that are sustainable and add value over time. Ensuring that the token is not only attractive to contributors, but also to users of an application is where we thrive.



We create, schedule, launch, and track email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media posts - including images, copy, video, and more. 



From a detailed assessment of how you can improve your social media strategies to supporting customer engagement, adding outreach to new and potential customers can assist you with reaching an audience on a global level.



We can focus energy on engaging followers and commenters on social media and forums. Keep everyone up to date and educated on your project so that you can continue focusing on what matters.