Jake Vartanian is the founder of Cryptodex, a contributor to Blockchain News, and an advocate of decentralization since early 2011.

He has worked with high profile startups including Bancor, TokenCard and SingularDTV, helping to design token models, telling the stories behind these projects, and building digital ecosystems.

Jake’s focus is on using emerging technologies to help communities become more aware of the immense value they hold.



Simone giacomelli

Simone has, for over 3 years, been leading teams that provide next generation blockchain solutions for both the private and public sectors.

Passionate and diligent about exploring relational economies and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, he conducts research in novel cryptocurrency models, ICOs and incentive mechanisms that empower cooperation and value creation.

He has been heavily involved in collaborative efforts with the Institute of Data Driven Design, advancing the development of a fledgling non-computational intensive consensus algorithm called “Proof of Standings” that serves as the basic mechanism for decentralized liquid democracy.



William Shropshire

William is a blockchain investor, enthusiast, and advocate. As well as the owner of W-Ross Communications which specializes in blockchain community management, public relations managements, and blockchain start-up research. William is involved in projects such as Sphre's Air, RexMLS and others that are currently in development. William also holds an Honours Bcom. in Marketing from the University of McMaster.



Basit Ali

Our resident BitcoinTalk expert has been involved in the cryptoscene since early 2014.

His focus is on forum management, bounty campaign design, and public relations.


Partners and Friends

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Coin Interview

Coin Interview