Evolution and Collaboration Through Cryptocurrencies

This year has certainly been quite the thriller in the crypto space (and the broader world in general). With DEVCON2 recently finishing and a whole suite of applications built on Ethereum being released, apparently “editable blockchains” being released by Accenture (some might call this a “permission-able database”), and billions of dollars pouring into the space, it is clear that these technologies will continue to gain traction in the “mainstream”.

Profits. Efficiency. Profits. Greed.
On one level I think “Oh wow! Great. Decentralization actually happening! Yay. Future is now. Etc Etc.”, but coming from a more grounded in reality perspective, I see a lot of corporations adopting “blockchain technologies” — whatever that may mean to them — as more of just a “Yeah-we are cool too- we promise” sort of thing.

Frankly, to me, it’s a lot of nonsense, especially coming from banks. Sure, they might increase effectivity in their clearing processes so THEY can make more money, but I thought the basis of this movement started from not needing banks anymore, and helping everyone live a better life. Why give stored energy (money) to another entity so they can just put it in their money pile and earn a return without giving any back to the person who gave them money in the first place? Why would I take Santander’s dollars on the blockchain instead of just agnostic or better, my own community’s money which is powering positive things that matter in my world?

Cooperation + Collaboration Is the Pudding
At Cryptodex, we see a lot of meaningful innovation and evolution happening at the grassroots of this movement. Individuals and communities are beginning to utilize cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies so they can thrive in this emerging paradigm. A term we like to use is “Cooperative Economic System”. When creators who like to collaborate get together to increase the quality of life for themselves and everyone around them, that is where the magic really happens. Projects of all shapes and sizes can be funded, built, and supported if plugged into the right networks. There is no need for failure if something is supposed to fit.

Sure, at the foundation of these collaborative networks lies trust, reputability, and transparency. But MOST importantly, at the core of any cooperative system that will thrive, is ethical people seeking to do positive things for the world and everyone in it. When you have good tools, and ethical people behind those tools, beautiful things emerge.

It’s All Just a Donut
Our universe (un-I-verse or “the verse of one I” or uni-verse) is basically a big energetic torus. If unfamiliar, it looks like a donut.

We are the center of that donut. You can see how it is actually all one, and the energy is constantly recycling through itself. In a perfect world, everything is in harmony (perfect donut shape) because everyone is acting ethically and doing good things for not only themselves, but for everyone and everything around them (again ultimately all one, so you are still doing good for you if you are helping everyone).

When greed (from individuals and corporations) takes hold, we have what is known as “dissonance”. Dissonance, simply translated as “lack of harmony” creates a divergence from the ideal (or “malformed donut”), thus taking away from part of the ideal torus, and ultimately ending up with the culture we live in today. At Cryptodex, we believe that this type of operation will eventually lead to failure because the universe is always seeking harmony and balance.

Where Do We Come In?
Cryptodex has recently launched Cryptodex Consulting. We want to help you as an individual, community, startup, or corporation plug into these truly decentralized frameworks being created to support people and projects all around the world. We provide speaking engagements, cryptocurrency integrations, and can even analyze your business with you to determine the best ways to incorporate a tokenized ecosystem into your processes.

Let’s build a better world, together!

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